The Map of the Toon-Ring route through Glasgow
Map of Toon-Ring

What is Toon-Ring?
Toon-Ring came about in 2012 as an idea for a sticker, in a nurburgring-esque style, of the route the majority of cruisers/car enthusiasts tend to take through Glasgow city centre. Usually this would be done at weekends, in the evening. The idea took off and many cars in and around town now sport Toon-Ring stickers. Currently we are most active Via Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter.

What is the route?
Generally starting from Police Scotland’s HQ in Holland St, You then head towards and down Sauchiehall St, Up Rose St and along Renfrew St, Down Renfield St onto Union St, Along Argyle St following onto Queen St, Turning left onto St Vincent St, Following that road right to the top and turning Right onto Pitt St, down West George St, and back onto Holland St.

The majority of those “up the toon” tend to park on the hill at West George St, and along Holland St (outside and surrounding Police Scotland HQ) The other spot most frequented is Blytheswood Hill (Blytheswood St) worth also mentioning is the lesser known small sheltered carpark just off West George Lane (left at bottom of West George St and left again) Quick note: Double parking or otherwise not parking correctly will most likely get you moved on by the police.

Disclaimer: “Toon-Ring” is not to be taken literally, Glasgow city centre is NOT a racetrack, and should not be treated as one, it is a very busy place, especially at the weekend with people out for a drink, so always drive sensibly! The traffic police are always around town, so any spirited driving will only earn you a pull!

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