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N/A Nonsense Racing’s Paul Walker Memorial Cruise

N/A Nonsense Racing hosted a memorial cruise in memory of Paul Walker, who recently was killed in a car accident, we were not in attendance, but however, have been sent this write-up..

N/A Nonsense Paul Walker Memorial Cruise Dec 2013

“Well what can I say about the 2Fife2Furious held at Kirkcaldy Promenade on Saturday 7th December 2013…. Out of this world!

On turning up and finding a parking space I looked around in complete amazement. Upon standing on the pavement watching the traffic crawling both ways, a van pulls up across the road, a man got out and opened the back and pulled out a trolley, to which unveiled….. flashing lights and candy floss.

In going for a walk along the promenade it became a sight of break lights and headlights from end to end with residents watching from their balconies as it became bigger than the links market. There were many sights to be seen; Santa driving a MG Midget, four turtles, superman, whole families, pensioners with walk sticks, young children running around.

So at 9:30pm the noise started the roar from cars, the different sounds as car horns went off, the popping and banging from exhausts. The 1 minutes of noise, which turned out to be 2-3 minutes of noise was something that makes your skin tingle and hairs stand up on the back of your neck. This was in the Remembrance of Paul Walker, may he rest in peace.

There would have been a couple of thousand cars in attendance from as far as north of Aberdeen and as far south as Carlisle there with around 4,000 people. The police were in attendance helping with the traffic, closing car parks as they filled up and keeping everyone safe. It was a great experience to see the police talking to the organiser and seeing them working together to make it a very successful event.

My congratulations and thanks to the organisers of this event in making it so successful. Also to the police in their co-operation with the event.”

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More pictures can be found on facebook on the original event page HERE