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Lanarkshire StreetCars’ Paul Walker & Roger Rodas Remembrance Cruise: Dec 14th 2013


Well, what can we say? Saturday 14th Dec will be one of the main highlights of 2013! It saw well over 1000 cars and even more people descending on Hamilton for Lanarkshire StreetCars’ “Paul Walker Remembrance Cruise” as a tribute to the recently deceased Actor and star of the Fast & Furious movie franchise, and we were there to see it.

We arrived at 6:40pm to what was an already very busy retail park with 100′s of cars parked and people wandering about, we parked up where we could find a space and got out for a look around. There were cars literally everywhere and a constant flow still arriving and finding spaces, all types, models, and makes of car were there, from the 80′s Ford Capri, right up to 2013 BMW’s, everything was covered, and not all necessarily were modified, just like minded car enthusiasts there to pay their respects.

As it approached the start time of 7:30pm it was absolutely mobbed, with the local police having arrived to direct traffic, They could not have been more helpful, and set themselves up at the entrance, directing the flow of cars to the rear overflow carpark, and when that also filled up, directing others over to the local ASDA carpark where they could park up and walk over. The police on the whole were very relaxed and understanding, infact they seemed genuinely interested in the cars, having posted on Twitter afterwards about the lack of issues and how smoothly everything was run.

Come 8:20, the majority of people did infact adhere to the 1 minute silence, which was signalled and ended by a klaxon horn, obviously with an entire retail park and 1000′s of attendee’s, it was never going to be completely silent, but there was a definite reduction in noise for that period.

Ten minutes later, the fun started.. the 8:30pm “minute of noise” with everyone tooting horns and revving engines, all you could hear was exhaust, popping and banging, dumpvalves wooshing, and horns tooting, what an awesome noise! Like nothing we have ever experienced before and something that will stick with us. We’re sure that the man himself would have been proud of the fitting tribute.

On the whole, it was a well arranged, well organised, and well executed evening, with everyone behaving themselves and proving that the stigma of “boy/girl racers” is more of an outdated stereotype than a true reflection of the car scene nowadays. We would like to personally thank Lanarkshire Streetcars, The organiser Chris, the Hamilton Police, and all the car clubs and individuals who travelled from far and wide to attend the event, it was an awesome evening!

A special Facebook page has been set up for uploading pictures and videos from the event, and this can be found at the link below, get on there and get tagging if you see yourself!